A Type Carbon Steel Casting Wire Rope Clip

Product Details

A type wire rope clips made of carbon steel, casting. Has a strong price advantage. Many people say that castings are not as strong and rigid as other raw materials such as Masteel, which are mainly due to subtle problems such as drums and cracks in the casting process. As a result, the safety of the products is greatly challenged. However, carbon steel Card price advantage people can not give up.

A type wire rope clips can also be used forging production, die forging relative to the casting, production more efficient, delivery and price will have a great advantage

As a Chinese wire rope clips manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience, the production team has accumulated a wealth of experience, especially in the casting of some difficult problems, has a unique solution. The company set up a test team, so that every one of the quality of the factory products can have the greatest protection.