B Type Carbon Iron Casting Wire Cable Clip

Product Details

B-type wire rope clips raw materials mainly made of carbon steel, the procurement cost is relatively low.

B-type wire rope clips Caution: Do not use for a long time, should be regularly checked, regularly scrapped, can not be used repeatedly.

(1) The size of the clips should be suitable for the thickness of the wire rope. The inner clearance of the U-shaped ring should be 1 ~ 3mm larger than the wire rope diameter.

(2) When using, it is necessary to tighten the U-shaped bolts until the wire rope is crushed 1/3 or so far. As the wire rope in the deformation after the force, the rope in the rope after the second tightening force to ensure the solid connector. If you want to check the rope in the force, the rope is sliding, can take an additional safety rope card to carry out. Safety rope installed in the last rope from about 500mm, the rope will be released after a safe bend and the main rope clamp, so that if there is a sliding clamp phenomenon, the safety will be straightened straight for easy to find and timely reinforcement .

(3) The spacing between the rope card is generally about 6 to 7 times the diameter of the rope, the rope card to be a smooth arrangement, the U-ring part should be stuck in the rope side, the platen on the side of the main rope.