G450 US Type Malleable Wire Rope Clips Clamp

Product Details

G450 malleable iron wire rope clips is used in the American structure G450, the overall production standards in strict accordance with the American G450 standards strictly enforced. G450 American wire rope clips production process is used in the overall molding of casting technology, the production process strictly control the possible casting bubbles and cracks in the process, the chuck head with higher strength, hardness and wear resistance. G450 American wire rope clips' material is Malleable material, Magang as a cast iron, the role of the substrate less fragmentation, so its mechanical properties than gray cast iron, good plasticity and toughness, compared with ordinary carbon steel casting The chuck will have higher plasticity and toughness. G450 malleable iron wire rope clips surface treatment is the use of hot-dip galvanizing, galvanized chuck head can make the card has a stronger corrosion resistance, the wire rope clips is used to secure the wire rope, wet or corrosive for the environment easy to make the main chuck steel structure Rusty departments, galvanized chuck can greatly enhance the service life of the chuck and life. We can also be customized according to customer requirements for surface treatment and material selection