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The chains

Nov 20, 2015

Chain is formed by the wire by machine preparation;

Chains according to purpose are usually divided into two main categories: jewelry chains and chains for industrial use;

Jewelry chains according to shape divided into: side chains, o Word chains, twist chains, chain, chain, reverse twist chains, beads, chain, metal chains, double buckle chain;

Chains for industrial use is usually subject to a different standard, commonly used standard British standard at present (short, medium, long); American standard NACM84/90/96 (United States standard chain); German standard DIN766,763,764 (Germany standard chain); Australia (Australia standard chain);

Jewelry chains are widely used in jewelry, clothes, bags, crafts, such as above;

Industrial chain is typically used for ships, mines, hoist above;

Main jewelry chains surface treatment of electroplating and electrophoresis;

Surface treatment of industrial chains are mainly black paint, galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing (hot-dip), black

Chain is formed by the wire by machine preparation;