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Yield analysis

Nov 20, 2015

China's non-ferrous metal industry developed rapidly in nearly 30 years, yields for years ranked first in the world, non-ferrous metals science and technology in national economic construction and is playing an increasingly important role in national defense modernization construction. Meanwhile, the shortage of nonferrous metal resources contradictions have become increasingly prominent with the development needs of the national economy, dependent on foreign resources increases every year, seriously affected the healthy development of the national economy.

With economic of development, has proved of quality mineral resources close depletion, not only makes China faced nonferrous metals material total supply serious shortage of crisis, and because "difficult exploration, and difficult mining, and difficult selected, and difficult ye" of complex low grade ore resources or II times resources gradually became subject raw materials Hou, on traditional of geological, and mining, and dressing, and metallurgical, and material, and processing, and environment, science and technology proposed has huge challenge. Resources of low quality will make China's nonferrous metals industry and related industries face a crisis of survival. Development of nonferrous metal industry in China urgently needed to adapt our resources of new theories and new technologies. Level of system integrity, leadership and integration of non-ferrous metals technology, to improve the capability of independent innovation of China's nonferrous metals industry, promote the efficient, low-carbon, pollution-free, comprehensive utilization of non-ferrous metal resources, ensure sustainable development of nonferrous metal industry in China, has a significant role.