Jis Frame Galvanized Turnbuckle with Hook and Eye

Jis Frame Galvanized Turnbuckle with Hook and Eye
Product Details

The Din1480 turnbuckles are the most common type of turnbuckle in the DIN range. DIN1480 production process is divided into two kinds of casting and forging. Casting turnbuckle material is often used malleable iron, the toughness and strength of this turnbuckle will be higher than the other material turnbuckle.

DIN1480 turnbuckle with hook and hook structure is double hook, this structure is very suitable for often disassembled steel wire rope tightening work environment.

Qingdao Jie Chao machinery strictly turnbuckle the DIN1480 standard production turnbuckle for customers, all of the production processes and quality testing are subject to strict control. General manager of the company in the turnbuckle rigging industry more than 30 years, the quality of the product attaches great importance. Hope that customers from all over the world come to visit the guide.