Jis Standard Frame Double Turnbuckle with Hook and Hook

Jis Standard Frame Double Turnbuckle with Hook and Hook
Product Details

JIS Turnbuckle with hook and eye is a turnbuckle system. At present, China is the largest market for turnbuckle. There are three types of raw materials used in the turnbuckle. this Three types of carbon steel, malleable steel and alloyed steel have their own characteristics. The alloy steel has the highest hardness and is suitable for the tensioning of high strength steel wire rope. Relatively lower cost of carbon steel, suitable for general requirements, but cost control requirements of customers.

Hook and eye turnbuckles are often used for the bundling and tensioning of ropes in ships or containers, as they are suitable for frequent removal at one end.

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JIS Double hook Turnbuckle belongs to a type of Japanese turnbuckle, compared to the American turnbuckle, Japanese style turnbuckle shape is small. Double hook turnbuckle is often used to remove the rope more frequent place, hook structure allows users to easily remove the turnbuckle. So turnbuckle with hooks and hooks is often used to bundle goods in the shipping industry and is of course often used in many other areas as well.

Japanese-style turnbuckle with hook forks using forging process, the surface of the galvanized, of course, according to customer requirements for other similar self color or other anti-corrosion treatment.