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2016 Chinese Hoisting Rigging Exhibition /2016 China Rigging Exhibition

Mar 08, 2016

2016 Chinese Hoisting rigging Exhibition /2016 China rigging Exhibition
2016 China (Shanghai) International hoisting equipment, rigging and logistics exhibition shelf
Held: the twenty-ninth session of the Chinese International Hardware Fair
Time: March 30, 2016 -4 month 1 Location: National Convention Center (Shanghai Hongqiao new exhibition hall)
] approved by: Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China
Organizer:] Chinese Wujinjiaodian chemical business association
Organizer: Beijing] Jinyiyoulian Exhibition Co. Ltd. Shanghai Bo Ji Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.
Co organizer: Chinese] rigging Industry Association
In our country and vigorously promote the development of urbanization, accelerate the transformation of shanty towns; increase the large-scale infrastructure construction: such as the construction of nuclear power, wind power construction, railways, ports, shipbuilding and bridge construction excellent prospects for economic development; domestic demand to play heavy equipment, crane rigging and logistics shelf products increased steadily. At the same time, the beginning of 2008 the world financial crisis, seriously affected the development of the real economy, reflecting a sharp reduction in foreign demand for exports. Also because of the RMB to the dollar and other foreign currency rapid appreciation, greatly reduced the competitiveness of China's export of rigging, booking of foreign orders, began to substantial losses.
Under the current situation of a serious decline in the export market, how to expand the domestic market sales situation is relatively good, become domestic crane rigging enterprise's a task of top priority. In addition to doing a good job to focus on sales, strengthen cost control, reduce inventory and other steps; to find a good way to expand the domestic market, the company must immediately solve the problem. By the China National Hardware Electrical and Chemical Business Association sponsored Beijing Jinyiyoulian Exhibition Co., Ltd. hosted the "National Hardware Fair" each session will be hanging a large number of rigging the buyers to venue procurement related products has become vast sling enterprises to open up the domestic market is essential for a most important promotion place, caused the majority of hanging rigging enterprises to focus on.
"2016 China (Shanghai) international heavy equipment, hoisting rigging and logistics shelf Exhibition" will in 2016 March 30 April 1, at the National Exhibition Center and "the 27th China International Hardware Fair" held at the same time. Compared with the previous, with the exhibition: exhibition area is larger, exhibits more concentrated, exhibitors and corporate buyers more advantages.
Until now, have signed up to take part in "2016 China (Shanghai) international heavy equipment, hoisting rigging and logistics shelf Exhibition" of the enterprise: Dratch, Juli group, ER and goods, Emmet, Osaka Jack making (O. J.), Tongli tackle etc. at home and abroad know name enterprises to participate in; more than exhibitors are the previous exhibition customers, in previous exhibitors are reached or exceeded the expected effect. Most enterprises to increase the display area, the area of some enterprises more than doubled, the entire exhibition shows a good momentum of development. The strong support of the participating enterprises, the more firmly the exhibition organizers to do the first exhibition in the industry, the international famous exhibition of confidence and determination.
Stream water for the day, while taking advantage of development. May our crane rigging enterprises in "2016 China (Shanghai) international heavy equipment, hoisting rigging and logistics shelf Exhibition" this platform to show themselves, insight into the future, seize the opportunities, and realize the profound knowledge, come to the fore. Years of casting brand image, embodied in the previous show the actual results, China (Shanghai) international heavy equipment, crane rigging and logistics shelf exhibition will accompany you together towards success!
Exhibition scope]:
1. Heavy tools: all types of lifting jacks, hand chain hoist, electric hoist, hoist, ring chain hoist, explosion-proof hoist, hoist, Shouban hyacinth,
Up lifting electromagnet, permanent magnet lifting jack, a balancer, a cableway, wire rope, chain, sliding contact line, a pulley, a pulley, tractor, shackle, bearing, and the lifting hook, a hanging basket, a hook, sling, from heavy metal, grab bucket, carrier bundle, circle chain, vacuum suction, clamp, lifting hoisting equipment.
2, sling: the metal rigging: steel wire rope sling, chain sling, shackle, hook, hanging (clip) pliers, magnetic hanger and so on. Synthetic fiber rigging: nylon, polypropylene, polyester, high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber materials for the production of rope and belt type of rigging. Rigging including: D ring safety hook spring hook tight link double buckle rings rigging American bolt etc.. Sling manufacturing equipment.
3, logistics shelf: shelf storage, container logistics, station apparatus (finishing facility): tool cabinet, tool cart, working table (table), parts cabinet, turnover box, tray, material finishing series; casters, cleaning equipment, weighing apparatus and, automatic sorting system, bar code and related equipment.