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Ds083 G80 Forged Alloy Steel Swivel Self-Locking Safety Hooks

Sep 10, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: DS083

  • Material: Alloy Steel; Carbon Steel

  • Process: Dorp Forged,Quenched and Tempered

  • G80 Hooks: G80 Connecting Links

  • G80 Eye Bolts& Nuts: G80 Master Links

  • Specification: 6mm-32mm

  • Size: 6mm to 32mm

  • Minimum Breaking Load: 4 Times The Wll

  • Surface: Color-Painted; Self-Colored; Galvanized

  • G80 Connecting Rings: G80 Swivels

  • Trademark:  OEM

  • Origin: Qingdao, Shandong

    Product Description

    We supply  G80 hooks, connecting links& rings, swivels, eye bolts & nuts , master links that can be used together with transport chains. 

    1) Brand: Dawson or OEM
    2) Certification: ISO
    3)  Size: 6mm to 32mm
    4) Minimum breaking load is 4 times the WLL
    5) Material: Alloy Steel; Carbon Steel
    6) Process:dorp forged,quenched and tempered
    7) Surface: Color-painted; self-colored; Galvanized
    8) Special specifications and marks can be made according to customers requirments

    Dawson's G80 Hooks
    DS022 G80 Barrel Hook DS123 G80 Clevis Grab Hook
    DS118 G80 Eye Slip HookDS115 G80 Eye Hooks
    DS113 G80 Eye HookDS047 G80 Shank Hook
    DS117 G80 Eye Slip Hook With LatchDS279 G80 Clevis Welded Hook
    DS276 G80 Clevis Hook YCT 08RDS023 G80 G Hook
    DS114 G80 Eye Slip Hook With LatchDS268 G80 Swivel Hook With Latch
    DS275 G80 Clevis Hook YCT08G80 Alloy Hooks
    DS046 G80 Agricul Ture HookDS041 G80 Chain Block Hook
    DS020 G80 Italian Hook Din 689DS385 G80 Shank Hook
    DS262 G80 Eyg HookDS261 G80 Chain Block Hook
    DS258 G80 Welded Hook DS066 G80 G Type Hook
    DS119 G 80 Forged OFG HookDS111 G80 Shackle Hook
    DS106 G80 Welded Hook Light TypeDS088 G80 Eye Elephant foot
    DS087 G80 Forged DV HookDS073 G80 Clevis Chain Clutch
    DS072 G80 Sliding Choke HookDS071 G80 Tensile Hook

    Dawson's G80 Alloy Swivels, Eye Bolts & Nuts
    DS054 G80 Eye Screw Din 580DS055 G80 Eye Nut
    DS054 G80 Eye ScrewDS029 G80 G401 Chain Swivel
    DS491 G80 G400 Swivel RingDS283 G80 Forged Swivel With Bearing
    DS244 G80 NSV Special Lifting Eye BoltDS263 G80 Forged VRC Swivel
    DS303 G80 Muti-Directional Using Lifting SwivelDS256 G80 Long Loop Lifting Eye Blots
    DS246 G80 Forged Eye SwivelDS031 G80 Forged Regular Swivels
    DS030 G80 Eye NutsG80 Grade Eye Nut
    DS120 G80 LFS SwivelGrade 80 Chain Swivel

    Dawson's G80 Master Links
    DS337 G80 Forged Master LinkDS285 G80 Master Link
    DS388 G80 Clevis Master LinkDS488 G80 WA-S Master Link Assembly
    DS496 G80 MTC Master Link AssemblyDS454 G80 Forged Master Link
    DS411 G80 EVM Series Germany Type Forged Master LinkGrade 80 Lug Links
    DS094 G80 Welded Master Link Assembly A-347DS092 G80 Master Link Assembly A-345
    Grade 80 Welded Master Link A-344DS091 G80 Master Links A-342
    DS033 G80 Forged Master LinkDS497 G80 MT Master Link Assembly