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Eye Bolts For Fasteners

Jul 14, 2017

Eye bolts are used for joining or fastening in mechanical structures or building elements, and are usually classified as fasteners in mechanical parts. Eye bolts In most cases are manufactured in accordance with the relevant national standards or international standards, so in the operation of the circulation, eye bolts and other also in accordance with the mandatory standards of production of parts are referred to as standard parts. Eye bolts, Eye bolt screws and nuts (also known as nuts) are commonly known or referred to as screws in many areas or unprofessional narration.

Eye bolts and screws differ in two aspects, one is the shape, the eye bolts of the stud part of the strict requirements for cylindrical, used to install nuts, but the screw studs are sometimes conical or even with the top; On the other hand, the use of the function, screw into the object is not the nut, many occasions the eye bolts are also working alone do not need to cooperate with the nut, the eye bolts from the function is classified as screws.

Eye bolts are used for occasions where surface roughness and assembly accuracy are not high. The thread on the eye bolt is generally coarse-tooth common thread, the eye bolt self-locking is good, mainly used for the thin-walled parts or with the impact, Eye bolt vibration or alternating load of the occasion.

General eye bolts are made of part of the thread, full thread high-strength hexagonal eye bolts are mainly used to require longer threads of the occasion. The hole bolt is used for the occasion needing eye bolt lock. The hole bolts with reaming can accurately fix the position of the connected parts and can withstand the shearing and extrusion produced by transverse force.

High-strength eye bolts are the most widely used type of eye bolts. Eye bolt Class A and B eye bolts are used for important, assembly-precision requirements, and withstand larger shocks, vibrations, or load-bearing situations.