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How To Use Wire Rope Clamps

Jun 05, 2017

Wire rope clamp (also known as wire rope chuck) with a rope end fixed or connected role, it is often used together with the wire rope, suitable for cranes, mining, shipbuilding and construction industry and other heavy conditions. If you are not professional to do this kind of living people may not be very familiar with these things, but it does not matter, if you want to understand the specific information about the wire rope clip, such as the type of wire rope clip, use, precautions, please follow Xiaobian together Read the following article and believe that the following information will help you. Wire rope clip The category of wire rope clamps are common in the market are generally carbon steel casting process, the national standard, casting wire rope chuck can be used. However, with the development of modern industrialization, casting wire rope chuck due to the natural process of some defects (pores, cracks, sand), in the wet, acidic alkaline, shock frequency and other special occasions, should be used with caution.

The use of wire rope clamp: First, the carbon steel casting wire rope chuck commonly used static bolt, rope cable fastening, such as electricity, communication lines, strapping and so fastening , Wire rope clip Land transport, engineering rescue, salvage shipwreck, factories and mines enterprises lifting, lifting, traction rigging. Stainless steel wire rope chuck because of its corrosion resistance, not easy to rust the reason, was used for ship accessories, chemical plants, radiation and other environments.

Features: with the strength of steel wire rope, the use of safe, Wire rope clip beautiful appearance transition smooth, hoisting operation safety load, can hit the impact load, long service life.

Wire rope clamp Use: 1. Wire rope clip should be clamped in the working section of the wire rope, U-shaped bolt buckle in the tail of the rope. 2. Wire rope clips can not be arranged alternately on the wire rope. 3. The distance between the wire rope clamp is equal to 6-7 times the wire rope diameter.

4. The minimum size of the wire rope;

6. Fasten the rope clip to consider each rope clamp reasonable force, Wire rope clip from the collar of the rope at the furthest off the first single fastening

7. The rope clamp closest to the collar should be as close as possible to the collar.

Note: (1) wire rope clip should be clamped on the work of the wire rope, U-shaped bolt buckle in the tail of the rope, the wire rope can not be arranged on the wire rope alternately. (2) when the rope is properly arranged, the strength of the fixed at least 80% of the strength of the wire rope itself, the rope in the actual use of loaded 1,2 times after the nut to be further tightened. (3) Wire rope clip from the collar at the nearest rope clamp should be as close as possible to the collar, fasten the rope when the rope to consider the reasonable force of each rope from the ring at the furthest of the rope can not be the first fast The (4) In order to facilitate inspection of the joint, at the end of the last chuck about 500mm at the re-a chuck, and the rope released a "safe bend." When the wire rope of the joint slides, the "safety bend" is straightened, and the action should be taken immediately. (5) the use of wire rope clamp consolidation, should try to use horse-riding clip, while the "mine" bolt inside the net clearance should be adapted to the size of wire rope diameter, not a large clip clip rope, bolts must be tightened, Of the diameter of 1/3.

How to use wire rope clamps

The number of rope clip is generally not less than 3-5, the rope spacing should be ≥ 6 times the wire rope diameter, the last card from the rope distance ≥ 140mm the number of clips according to the wire rope diameter, ≤ 10mm set 3, 10- 20mm set 4, 21-26mm set up 5, 25-36mm set 6, 36-40mm set up 7.

Wire rope clip should be used in conjunction, rope diameter below 10mm, Wire rope clip the rope clip should be no less than 3, 10-20mm should not be less than four. The spacing between the rope clamps is generally about 6 to 8 times the diameter of the wire rope, and the rope clamps are arranged in a row. The U-ring part should be stuck on the side of the rope and the pressure plate should be placed on the side of the main rope.

Wire rope chuck in use should pay attention to the following:

The size of the clip to fit the thickness of the wire rope, U-shaped ring inside the net distance, than the wire rope diameter 1 ~ 3mm, the distance is too difficult to tighten the rope. , Prone to accidents.

When the chuck on the bolt must be tightened until the rope was flattened 1/3 ~ 1/4 diameter so far, and after the rope force, and then tighten the chuck bolts to ensure that the connector is solid and reliable.

Chuck to be arranged in a row, U-shaped part of the rope with the contact, can not contact with the main rope, as shown in Figure a. If the U-shaped part is in contact with the main rope, the main rope is crushed and the thread is easily broken.

In order to check whether the connector is reliable and find out whether the rope is sliding, Wire rope clip a chuck can be reopened at about 500 mm behind the last chuck and the rope is released to a "safe bend". In this way, when the wire rope of the joint slides, the "safety bend" is first straightened, and the measures should be taken immediately.