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Maintenance Of Chains

Jul 03, 2017

The first chain is the basis of the operation of mechanical equipment, often maintenance of the chain like a constant high-speed operation of the motor, you can provide sufficient power forward. The mining chain as a kind of chain, mainly in the mining industry. For the maintenance of the chain is not only once, the equipment can always run, but must be regularly regular maintenance, the only way to make the chain run more smooth, Shackle more efficient. For the maintenance of the common slag conveyor chain, we must pay attention to is to regularly on the gear and bearing the operation of the situation to check to see if the oil is not in line with the requirements, whether the need to replace. In addition, for the mining chain, but also to check the operation of the parts driven by the situation, once the problem will be resolved in a timely manner, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble to the production.

Followed by the storage of iron ore chain is also conducive to extend the service life of the chain. When the equipment parts are not used, be sure to be careful to store, Shackle can not casually lit, so as to avoid rust or other damage to the chain. In the storage time also pay attention to the storage environment, can not be placed in a wet place, the temperature can not be too high, and chemical corrosion is prohibited. Because if the temperature is too high, or by the direct sunlight, these mining chains, like the commonly used slag conveyor chain surface temperature will rise, so that the physical properties of the chain will change, subject to Destroy, affect the use! Shackle In this warned all users, mining chains must pay attention to regular maintenance, reasonable storage, once the maximum extent to extend the service life of the chain.

Check whether the sprocket and shaft are connected reliably and the chains are not allowed to be too tight. Keep the two axes in balance, the two wheels in the same plane. With the rapid recovery of the national economy, the demand for all sectors of the chain is increasing, customer demand for consumer demand, Shackle adequate supply, the pursuit of quality has become the only way to chain development.

Oil tank lubrication or splash lubrication, the use of sealed transmission box, the former chain and sprocket part of the dip into the oil, which uses a larger diameter than the oil, Large oil pan oil splashing; oil pressure fuel injection lubrication, oil pump through the tubing to the chain of continuous oil supply, the cycle of oil can play the role of lubrication and cooling. Shackle The kinematic viscosity of the lubricating oil used in the chain drive is about 20 to 40 mm2 / s at the operating temperature. Only the speed is very slow and can not supply the oil, it can be replaced with grease.