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Steel Wire Has High Tensile Strength

Jul 14, 2017

Steel wire is the quality of carbon steel first after pulling the formation of ordinary steel wire, and then the use of hot-dip galvanizing technology or electroplating zinc technology to deal with the steel wire, the steel wire formed thereby. This kind of steel wire after special treatment in the performance of course is much stronger than ordinary steel wire, the surface of the steel wire is very smooth, Steel wire there will be no cracks or convex parts. Nor can it sting, and the steel wire is a product that is not easily corroded.

In the outer layer of galvanized steel wire is very uniform, galvanized layer can be very strong adhesion to the steel wire, and because there is a special layer of protection, steel wire corrosion resistance is very strong, so the service life is very long. Impact Crusher because of its special performance, Steel wire the use is very extensive, generally in the farm will use the steel wire, in the manufacture of spring and wire rope will also use steel wire. But when we choose the wire, we should pay attention to its quality, It is not easy to relax because its overall evaluation is good.

Steel wire in the production of life is a very wide range of applications, according to different uses and manufacturing methods, wire types are also different, generally can be divided into hot steel wire and cold steel wire. In fact, the reason is that this is different from the amount of zinc plating, the two different steel wire can also be adapted to different needs. A problem that often occurs when steel wire is used is corrosion, Steel wire and the general machine equipment will corrode in the process of use, And the steel in China's loss of news is often able to hear.

We are not unfamiliar with the wire, this is because it in the life of the application is very extensive, such as wire mesh we often see it exists but you know the production process of steel wire.

Steel wire should have high tensile strength, elastic limit, toughness and fatigue strength, and can withstand shock and vibration. The key to the production of spring steel wire is to ensure the strength and toughness index, especially to prevent the torsion crack. The intrinsic and surface quality of the wire rods directly affect the performance of steel wires. Carbon spring steel wire with high carbon quality carbon structural steel or carbon tool steel wire rod manufacturing, according to the use of spring strictly control its chemical composition, gas content and non-metallic inclusions. In order to reduce the surface defect and decarbonization layer, Steel wire the billet for the production of the Wire rod should be grinded and skinned when necessary. The wire rod should be used for normalizing or sorbite treatment, and the large size is replaced by spherical annealing. The heat treatment in the middle especially before the end of the finished product is widely used sorbite treatment.

installation of steel wire mesh: When the wall is buried, the embedded steel bar is used as a fixed piece, and the fixed steel wire NET frame polystyrene plate (the belly wire is not penetrated) according to the design requirements of the steel wire mesh frame polystyrene board, Steel wire put it in a good metal bracket for fish and shrimp men, press out the steel bar, the embedded steel bars and metal brackets on the steel bending pressure steel wire mesh polystyrene board.

Then is the wire mesh of the board, according to the building energy-saving design requirements, the size of the wire mesh is very important, so after a good amount of steel wire cut can be used to open a piece of wire mesh, and then with the electric wire or the tooth saw the polystyrene plate cut.