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The Hook Has The Characteristic Of Rotation

Sep 08, 2017

The clasp structure comprises a first body, a second body, and a clasp hook. wherein, the clasp hook is supported by the first to second block at the same time in a rotatable manner, and the first body has a first positioning device, and the hook has a second positioning device, which is used to interact with the first positioning device to locate the hook selection in one of several directions.

A clasp, which is arranged in a shaft hole of a hanging belt part, with an axial column extending on both sides of a handle body. And then with a convex clasp above the hook to fit into the clamp hole below the handle body, and make the buckle under the convex buckle buckle to the bottom side of the bearing part, Snap hook and then reinforce its overall endurance with the water droplets hole of the thick and tough part of the hook body.

The clasp hook is supported by a handle part shaft in the hanging belt part, and is inserted with the anchor part of a hook to be fitted to the cylinder claw part of the handle part, the hook has the characteristics of the claw and the anchor part of the elastic deformation, but it can be understood from the figure that the patent of the Claw and the anchor part of the structure of each other buckle, Snap hook because only the combination of the handle and hook body is convenient, Ignoring the overall tenacity of the two components, it is very easy to handle the claw in the lower part of the book, and make the hook body in the force of the anchor directly pressure the top edge of the claw, Snap hook and then form the deformation of the claw part of the bending, and the hook is a piece of body bending, lack of effective support hook body shape, Therefore, it will lead to the use of the hook when it is very easy to pull by external forces caused by bending and fracture, and the contact surface of its anchor and claw part, Snap hook the anchor in the rotation, it is very easy due to the thickness of the claw part and too soft, so that the hook body is not very smooth rotation

For the part of the handle body and hook body of the existing clasp hook, make a whole enhancement and improvement, the improvement is that the convex buckle of the hook body is placed in the clamping hole in the center of the lower part of the handle body, and the fastening face below the convex buckle is securely offset to the upper surface of the bottom side of the capacitive end, and the convex buckle is freely rotated, Snap hook And then with the thick and tough part of its hook body, there is a inverted drop-shaped elastic hole, which makes it not easy to be pulled by external force and produces deformed fracture then the hook body of the tongue to the extension of an outside dip to set, Snap hook so that the end of the tongue can be effectively deducted into the end of the hook to the inside of the top of the tilted surface, you can effectively bear the hook body to hook up the heavier items, To achieve the clasp hook solid durability and stable deformation function.