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The Most Widely Used Wire Rope Clamp

Nov 06, 2017

Steel Wire Rope clamp, also known as Wire rope chuck, wire rope card mouth. The wire rope clamp is mainly used for the temporary connection of the wire rope and the fixing of the back work rope when the wire rope wears around the emu, as well as the line of the cable wind rope on the bar. Wire rope clip It is a wide wire rope clamp for lifting and hoisting work.

① Wire Rope Clamp method is usually used in the clamping method. Commonly used wire rope clamps, there are three types of horse-riding, pressure plate and fist grip, in which the strongest cohesion; the most widely used, pressure plate second, fist grip because there is no base, Wire rope clip simple damage to the wire rope, the cohesion is also poor, thus, only for the local not necessary.

② Steel Wire Rope Clamp in the application should pay attention to the following points:

A) When selecting Chuck, it is necessary to make the inner net distance of U-ring larger than the diameter of wire rope 1~3mm, too big card buckle connection card is not tight, simple attack.

b) When the top chuck must tighten the bolt until the rope is compressed $number diameter stop, and after the rope force, and then the Chuck Bolt to tighten once to ensure that the joint strong and reliable.

c) The Chuck should be placed in a smooth, U-shaped and line touch, can not be touched with the main rope. If the U-shape has a touch with the main rope, Wire rope clip the main rope is compressed and the force is simply broken.

D) to make it easy to see if the connector is solid and to find that the wire rope is not sliding, you can secure a chuck at about 500mm behind the end of a chuck and release a "safe bend" to the line, Wire rope clip as shown in Figure B. In this way, when the joint wire rope attack sliding, "safety bend" is the first to be straightened, then should immediately adopt the method of disposal.

Use of wire rope chuck

For port, engineering hoisting machinery, metallurgical mining equipment, oil field Derrick, port railway loading and unloading, forestry machinery, power equipment, sea, land transport, engineering Rescue, salvage wreck, mining enterprises lifting.

Application of Precautions

Must strictly abide by the extra load, excessive and frequent use and overload is not allowed. Commodity Advantage: Stable quality, complete standard, enough goods, low price, convenient delivery, features: surface lubrication, no cracks, with anti-corrosion rust, strong fight against strength.

Steel Wire Rope Clamp is a part of the application of hardware rigging, mainly in the application of hardware rigging to the construction of a reinforcement, fixed role

Steel Wire Rope Clamp also known as wire rope card mouth, mainly used in machinery, port railway loading and unloading, salvage shipwrecks and other operations have difficulty in the industry, Wire rope clip wire rope clamp in the wire rope connection, back work rope operation and the line operation of the bar cable to play a reinforcement, fixed role.

The Clamp method is usually used to fasten the wire rope. Usually used wire rope chuck, there are horse-style, pressure plate and fist grip type three kinds, during which the horse-type cohesion is strongest; the most widely used, pressure plate second, fist grip because there is no base, simple damage to the wire rope, the cohesion is also poor.