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The Use Of Wire Rope Clamps

Jun 19, 2017

The wire rope clamp is mainly used for the temporary connection of the wire rope and the fixing of the rear hand rope when the rope is wound around the pulley block, and the fixing of the rope rope rope rope on the rod, which is the wider wire rope fixture used in lifting and lifting operation. Wire rope clamp is correct and safe to use.

The size of the clip to fit the thickness of the wire rope, U-shaped ring inside the net distance, than the wire rope diameter 1 ~ 3mm, the distance is too easy to tighten the rope, prone to accidents. Wire rope clip The wire rope clamp shall be pressed against the working section of the wire rope, and the U-shaped bolt shall be fastened to the tail section of the wire rope. Wire rope clamps can not be arranged alternately on the wire rope.

The number of cards is generally not less than 3-5, the minimum number of wire joints at each connection according to the following table:

Rope spacing should be ≥ 6 times the wire rope diameter, Wire rope clip the general wire rope between the distance A is equal to 6 to 7 times the wire rope diameter.

When tightening the wire rope clamps, consider the reasonable force of each rope, and the rope at the furthest distance from the collar should not be fastened first. The rope clamp (the first rope) closest to the collar should be as close as possible to the collar.

When the chuck on the bolt must be tightened until the rope was flattened 1/3 ~ 1/4 diameter so far, and after the rope force, and then tighten the chuck bolts to ensure that the connector is solid and reliable.

Chuck to be arranged in a row, U-shaped part of the rope with the contact, can not contact with the main rope, as shown in Figure a. If the U-shaped part is in contact with the main rope, Wire rope clip the main rope is crushed and the thread is easily broken. In order to facilitate the inspection of the connector is reliable and found that the rope is sliding, you can install a safety rope clip. In order to check whether the connector is reliable and find out whether the rope is sliding, a chuck can be reopened at about 500 mm behind the last chuck and the rope is released to a "safe bend". In this way, when the wire rope of the joint slides, the "safety bend" is first straightened, Wire rope clip and the measures should be taken immediately.

The distance from the last rope of the tail rope should not be less than 140 to 160 mm.

Tail rope rope before cutting off the application of steel wire tied to ensure that the rope is not loose rope