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Nov 20, 2015

1). in the plastic mold, products will be separated from the mold, and most commonly used;

2.) carbide thimble tungsten steel thimble, etc, can be used to pass a long thin hole;

3). thimbles, also called on the top that is assembled in lathes or grinders, used to support the workpiece and the workpiece rotate around it's head is cone-shaped metal rods, and plastic mold parts ejector PIN is not the same thing;

4.) plastic mold ejector pins can also be used for molds, it can play a strong role, called PIN.

Plastic mold ejector pin types are: [1], domed needle, thimble holding needle, standard and non standard thimble

Plastic mold ejector material is SKH51, SKD61, SKD11, 65Mn

SKH51 thimble toughness than SKD61 better SKD61 thimble and 1600 ° c high temperature, SKD61 thimble after surface nitriding treatment can improve wear resistance of the thimble, 65Mn thimble because of its poor quality, brittle easily broken, 65Mn material most of the plastic molds are not Assembly and thimble.