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Wire Clamp Is A Very Wide Range Of Applications

Oct 25, 2017

The main function of the wire rope clamp is to fasten the wire rope temporarily or to the corresponding hand rope when it is worn around the emu. In addition, this part can also be used as cable wind rope line fixed, can be said to be a very wide range of applications. At present, Wire rope clip especially hoisting and hoisting operation, the wire rope clamp is widely used.

Note on design of wire rope clamp

General in the design of wire rope clamp, need to pay attention to some design key points. Let us give a few examples to illustrate: The card head size must be with the wire rope thickness, Wire rope clip in addition to the U-Ring inside the net distance also need to pay attention to the diameter of the wire rope 1~3mm, once the net distance is too large, then it will cause the rope can not be tightened.

When designing a wire clamp, you also need to pay attention to its material. The general card head is the use of carbon steel material, the cast steel wire rope clamp is generally used in the static tie knot, as well as the fastening of ropes, such as the direction, for example, for example, power communication lines, Wire rope clip as well as bundling fastening and other projects have applications.

For the corresponding arrangement between the rope card spacing, the general case is the size of the wire rope diameter $number times, the corresponding rope card must be a smooth arrangement. First of all, the corresponding part of the U-ring should be stuck on the line side, while the other side of the main rope should be placed on the platen, Wire rope clip which is also needed attention in the design.

In addition, depending on the direction of use, for the design of the Chuck will also take a flexible approach, such as material or structure and so on.

Characteristics of wire Rope clamp

For wire clamp, it must pay attention to its strength. Often the strength of the wire rope clamp is the most critical part, it can guarantee the security we use, and the corresponding appearance of the transition is relatively smooth. Due to the lifting operation of the corresponding safety load is relatively large, Wire rope clip can be very good against the impact load, so its service life will be very long.

The wire rope clamp should be noticed when using:

(1) The method of steel wire clamp is to fasten the clamping seat on the working section of the Wire rope, the U-shaped bolt is fastened at the end of the wire rope, and the wire rope clamp shall not be arranged alternately on the wire rope.

(2) The minimum number of wire rope clips required for each connection. Wire rope clip When the wire rope is properly disposed, the strength of the fixed place is at least 80% of the wire rope's own strength, and the rope clamp is tightened further after 1 and 2 times in the actual use process.

(3) The rope clip closest to the sleeve ring should be as close to the sleeve ring as possible, and when fastening the clamp, the reasonable force of each clamp should be considered, and the rope clip farthest from the sleeve ring should not be fastened first alone.

(4) In order to facilitate the inspection of joints, Wire rope clip can be at the end of the clip head about 500mm after a chuck, and the line release a "Safe Bend." When the wire rope of the joint is sliding, the "safety bend" is straightened and the relevant safety precautions should be taken immediately.