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Wire Rope Clamp Long Service Life

Sep 29, 2017

Steel wire rope clamp (also known as wire rope chuck) has a rope end fixed or connected role, it is often used together with the wire rope, suitable for cranes, mining, shipbuilding and construction industry and other heavy conditions.

The category of wire rope clamps are common in the market are generally carbon steel casting process, the national standard, casting steel wire rope can be used. However, Wire rope clip with the development of modern industrialization, casting wire rope chuck due to the natural process of some defects (pores, cracks, sand), in the wet, acidic alkaline, shock frequency and other special occasions, Wire rope clip should be used with caution.

The use of wire rope clamp:

First, the carbon steel casting wire rope stapler commonly used static bolt, cable cable fastening, such as electricity, communication lines, strapping fastening and so on. Forged steel wire rods are commonly used for lifting lifting load, such as various engineering lifting machinery, Wire rope clip metallurgical and mining equipment, oilfield derrick, port railway handling, forestry machinery, electrical equipment, aviation and sea, land transportation, engineering rescue, salvage shipwreck , Factories and mines enterprises lifting, lifting, traction rigging on. Stainless steel wire rope chuck because of its corrosion resistance, not rust reasons, Wire rope clip was used for ship parts, chemical plants, radiation and other environments. Second, the characteristics: with the strength of wire rope, the use of safe, beautiful appearance transition smooth, hoisting operation safety load, can hit the impact load, long service life.

The wire rope clip comprises a mountain-shaped base, a U-shaped press ring, the mountain-shaped base is provided with a through-hole through which the open end of the U-shaped press ring is provided, Wire rope clip and the U- An external thread which is detachably connected to the mountain base through a connecting member. The utility model steel wire chuck device has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and high versatility, and by adjusting the positive pressure of the chuck to the rope by rotating the bottom nut, Wire rope clip the safety factor is high.

Wire rope clip in use should pay attention to:

(1) the method of wire rope clamp clip in the working section of the wire rope, U-shaped bolt buckle at the end of the wire rope, steel wire rope can not be arranged on the rope alternately. (2) the minimum number of wire clamps required for each connection. When the wire rope is properly arranged, the strength of the fixed wire is at least 80% of the strength of the wire rope itself, Wire rope clip and the rope is further tightened by the loading and unloading of the nut after the actual use. (3) from the collar at the nearest rope clamp should be as close as possible to the collar, fasten the rope when the rope to consider the reasonable force, from the collar of the rope at the furthest off the first single fastening The (4) In order to facilitate the inspection of the joints, can be in the last chuck after about 500mm at a chuck, and the rope released a ...