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Wire Rope Clamp Use Precautions

Jul 03, 2017

Wire rope clip and giant force shackle look very similar. So many people will misuse the two. In fact, the two look is like, but the actual use is bad day to do, once the wrong will cause the wire rope clip or shackle damage, or even more serious will be an accident. Therefore, the correct distinction between the wire rope clip and the difference between the shackles is necessary.

Then the difference between the wire rope clip and giant force shackle in the end where? Here I list a few differences to share with you:

A: wire clip is of course wire, such as two wire can be caught together to make steel wire longer. Shackle is used to lift the hanging buckle, you can wear harness, wire rope device. One for connection, one for hanging things.

2: wire rope clip is the two steel wire rope together things, shackle is a U-shaped open ring, Wire rope clip U in the top of the two holes, the middle can be punched, mainly for the connection.

Three: wire rope clip is connected to the wire rope, so that the straight wire rope circular motion, link transmission chain classification and development status, shackle is to connect lifting objects and lifting rope (such as wire rope, harness, nylon rope, etc.) items.

Four: wire rope clip size selection and wire rope diameter, shackle tonnage selection mainly with the wire rope lifting tonnage.

5: giant force unloading U-ring deformation or pin thread damage shall not be used. Wire rope clip Juli shackle shall not be horizontal force, the pin can not be deducted in the activities of the rigging, shall not be at the corner of the hanging pieces. Should be used according to the rated load of the mark, Wire rope clip it is strictly forbidden to use.

Six: the use of giant force wire rope clip of the specific note:

1 U-type bolt buckle on the end of the wire rope (short). The rope clamps may not be arranged alternately on the wire rope.

2 The number of rope clamps required for each connection shall be in accordance with the specified requirements.

3 wire rope between the distance should be wire rope diameter of 6 to 7 times.

4 rope clamp is tight, with a short rope crush about 1/3 is appropriate

5 rope caught in the actual use, loaded once, should be checked, Wire rope clip the furthest from the collar of the rope can not be the first single fastening.

6 short head wire rope tail should be set aside 140mm long range.

7 use chuck, it should make its U-shaped ring inside the clearance than the wire rope diameter 1 ~ 3mm.

8 on the chuck must be tightened when the bolt until the rope was flattened 1/3 ~ 1/4 diameter so far, and after the rope force, and then tighten the chuck bolts to ensure that the connector is solid and reliable.

9 chuck to a smooth arrangement, U-shaped part of the rope with the contact, Wire rope clip can not contact with the main rope.

10 In order to facilitate the inspection of the connection is reliable and find the rope is sliding, can be behind the last chuck about 500mm in a chuck, and the rope out of a "safe bend."